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At Tanoshii, the menu is only half the story. Steeped in the tradition of omakase, our chefs craft dishes according to your individual tastes—wherever they may be found. Leave things to us, and you might even discover a few you didn’t know you had.


Call us at (312) 207-8894 to make your reservation.

in the press

Mike is a skilled craftsman at creating sushi pieces of art.

Mare Coogan, YCN

...the flavors are so perfectly paired, the presentation so unique, the dishes so inspired.

Our Chicago Food Blog

...put yourself in the hands of chef Mike Ham (better known as Sushi Mike), who’s known for his improvisational skills as much as for his sage advice.

Chicago Reader

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west loop

720 w randolph, chicago

sunday 4:30–10
monday 11:30–2:30, 4:30–10
tuesday 11:30–2:30, 4:30–10
wednesday 11:30–2:30, 4:30–10
thursday 11:30–2:30, 4:30–10
friday 11:30–2:30, 4:30–11
saturday 4:30–11

(312) 207 8894